NY Rockits | Rockits AIA
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New York Rockits AIA Men Basketball

The New York Rockits Men’s basketball teams is different from others as the majority of the members are players that played on our youth teams. Players not previously in our program that are interested in playing on one of our men’s teams are always welcome.

Our men’s program consists of three teams: Rockits AIA Elite, Rockits U. and Rockits Alumni.

  • Rockits AIA Elite: many of the players have experience at the high school varsity or college varsity level. Most players are aged 22+ over but those that are younger with “GAME” can also play on this team.
  • Rockits U: players are usually those that are 22-under, still attending college or those that are still developing their basketball skills. However, players that are older are also welcome to play on this team.
  • Rockits Alumni: players are usually between the ages of 30-55 who still love to play the game. Many are former Rockits players or those that “got some game”.

Players interested in trying out for any of the team should contact:

Denny Lee at rockits@asianhoops.com